How To Stay Healthy After Pregnancy?

So, you are a mother and at the same time you are maintaining a full-time job. It is a big challenge indeed and quite hard work is required for this purpose. You have to get up early in the morning and after completing all the tasks, you start for the day.

You are considered to take the baby to your work, but at the same time have different issues regarding your health. After the birth of your baby, you are weak and need proper care to maintain your health. Often moms face problems with their breast milk during working hours, particularly in office. And to get rid of this problem you can opt for a breast pump.

Here are the dos and don’ts for a new mother. Have a look:

1. Correct food items: A new mother must take care of her health while she is feeding her baby. You may hire breast pump for your help or buy a new one. Protein food, calcium and minerals – all these elements are required for a new mother. Chicken, fruits, vegetables, and vitamins are must have for your healthy diet. Fruits like walnuts; pomegranate, orange, sweet lemon; dates and dry fruits (pistachio, cashew nuts, and raisins) are good source of energy and keep your body free from diseases. Take your doctor’s suggestions regarding the meals and their amounts. If you are continuing any medicine or having any health issues, you must consult your doctor. However, do not try to consume much food items since it may harm your sensitive body structure. The protein powders can work as supplements for rebuilding your body muscles.

2. Proper exercises: You have given birth to a baby recently. Therefore, your body needs rest; some exercises to keep your body fit and come back in your required shape. Hiring a personal trainer is always a better option for this purpose. Morning yoga, aerobics, swimming, free hand exercises and meditation – will be helpful in toning your body. More exercises will not work well and make you over tired.

3. Take rest: With a restricted lifestyle, you need to take rest and drink adequate water. Sleep eight hours a day and if you need more, you must go for it. These extra hours will help in reviving your body cells and prevent early ageing. Less hours of sleep will cause digestion problems, skin issues, unwanted headaches, and other health issues.

Hope you have got a proper guidance for your post birth condition. Wish you a very happy motherhood and good health of your baby.