History Of Birthday Parties

Presents, candy, hurrah, and games are the main parts of a birthday party. It is considered an occasion where people celebrate someone’s special big day that only comes once a year; the birthday. Unlike nowadays, looking back into the past tells us that birthdays were not always seen as a jovial day. Many centuries ago, in Europe, a birthday was regarded a dreadful occasion. The majority believed that unholy spirits had the chance to do bad things to the person on the anniversary of their birth. In order to protect the person and keep the spirits away, friends and family used to surround the person on his birthday. Some often brought foods to share while they were watching him. Only after the Middle Ages, birthday celebrations were considered as a positive thing. Even so, they were extremely infrequent and only were celebrated by rich. The acknowledgement of one’s birthday began to be usual during the Reformation. The British began to make birthday cakes, often hiding small ornaments inside.
In past girls were usually given sewing apparatus as birthday gifts while hunting gear were given as gifts for boys. Usually after receiving gifts, the boys will leave for hunting with their fathers on a following day. Girls will stay home with their mothers, getting familiar with their newest gifts. At present, birthday cakes with lighted candles are extremely customary in most of the countries in spite of the age of the person. However Russians are traditionally more likely to have a birthday pie with a special birthday message carved into its crust, instead of a birthday cake.Over the past centuries, birthday gifts have evolved from the above mentioned tools to electronics devices. Notwithstanding that progression, in some European Countries, still hunting equipment are considered as best presents for boys.
Although in many countries eighteen is regarded as the coming age, in most Latin American countries, fifteen is regarded the coming age. In United States, girls celebrate a sweet sixteen, though this tradition has become less favoured in recent years. In many parts of Asia, fourteen is considered as the age where teenagers become men and women and is also considered as a big milestone in their lives. In some African countries, twenty-first birthday is the milestone where the cubs leave the den. To mark it, a key is given to them. It shows that they are capable of unlocking the doors to their future. It is really good to look back and see how far the photo gifts have come. In case you are having your birthday today; Happy Birthday!