Gifts For Kids

There are many occasions that demands us to buy gifts for kids. Though it feels like it is an easy task, when I actually comes to buying, we spend a good hour or two thinking what to buy, and ultimately buy a slightly different version of what we bought last year. Here are a few suggestions.

Cool stationary

Ordinary colour pencils to crayon rocks to glitter glue; they excite kids. There is so much that you can buy in the category of stationary. You can even get them personalised, for an extra touch. There are many craft supplies that are available that will not only be fun, but useful to parents to keep their kids occupied. Book covers with their names printed on them, personalised notebooks, personalised file covers and folders are all awesome ideas. If you can go that extra mile, get them as something as cool as the 3D doodler pen. Some kinetic sand that they can mould in to making anything is good fun too.

Interesting toys

What I important when it comes to toys is that, something that can be used over and over again should be picked. In other words, toys that excite kid once with all its glory and is then deemed useless, is a waste of money. Get something like djeco puzzles or Lego or something that ignites creativity in young minds.

The djeco puzzles and Lego come in all sizes and shapes and colours, to cater to different age groups. Doll houses are also a great idea. Girls rarely get tired of doll houses, as there’s so much they can do with them.

Musical instruments

It is good to create a spark of music in a child from early days, for music is a powerful relaxation and therapeutic tool as you grow older. Buy them a musical instrument, like a guitar, as violin or even a flute, along with a book that teaches them how to play the said instrument.

Useful books

Unless the kids are older and they are enthusiastic book worms, chances are that this gift will not excite kids. However, it doesn’t stop being useful. Buy a few good books that will capture their hearts and motivate them to read; they will thank you later. This could also include encyclopaedias and other educational books.

Trendy clothes

Look for a cartoon or movie they like, and get them a T shirt based on the theme of the cartoon and voila! You just purchased the best gift possible or them. You could also get personalized caps or scarves or socks that they will be proud to wear.